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Science Department is collecting Box Tops for Education!
Please send your Box Tops for Education to your friendly Science teacher!  We are raising money to get the microscopes, scales, and balances repaired. We will also buy chemicals and other lab supplies for your students. So, please help us by ... Continue
Posted by: Dawn Vollmar
Published: 9/2/15


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Pack Shack


School Loop

General Use Tips:
• After login, top left link to return
• students seek information
• parents seek clarification
• check regularly
• review syllabus
Registration Tips:
• separate student/parents reg.
• students need site approval
• parents need student # to reg.
Loop Mail Tips:
• messages cannot be deleted
• student to teacher in class, not S.L.
Gradebook Tips:
• grades are volatile early in term
• students advocate before parents

Cell Phones

All cell phones must be turned OFF before the tardy bell rings at 8:20 am, they are to remain off during school hours. This does not mean VIBRATE, it means OFF! Any phones that are used or ring during the school day will be confiscated.

Parent Tip!

Please remember that we require ID EVERY TIME a parent checks their child out of school.  This is for the safety of the child.   We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy. Thank You. 


Contact Info.

Administrative Office:
916.683.7680 tel
916.685.5703 fax

Student Services Office:
916.683.7688 tel
916.683.7682 fax

Fundraiser Alert!


Parents, our school needs your help raising some money for Student Activities. Our goal is to raise $10,000 using GeoCoupon Alerts. This is our first fundraiser of the year and we are excited about it. It is a coupon book with a fantastic improvement over the paper coupon book fundraiser you may have seen. When your purchase a GeoCoupon Alerts book to support our school, you will download the GeoCoupon Alerts app for your mobile device and then you are can take your coupons with you every where you go. No more leaving the book at home or in the car. The app will manage your coupons and even alert you when you are visiting a vendor that you have a coupon available.

[Dates:9/8: Forms & Money Due, 9/16: Deliver Date (After-School/Rm: Mk-6)]

Please help us reach our goal! Thank you for your support! Go Wolves!
Questions? Please contact Mrs. McDougal


Thank You Houston Kraft!

2015/2016 EPMS STAFF


Front Parking Lot Procedures

Please exercise caution and patience in the EPMS parking lot. We will work on assisting with traffic flow, but also need your help.

There are two areas to the EPMS parking lot: the two lanes in front of the school and the parking lot. If you choose to use the parking lot area to drop off/pick up your student, please park your vehicle in a parking spot so you are not blocking traffic. If you plan to use the front two lanes, please see below.2015.08.drivewaydir.jpg

Pinkerton Activities

Today: 9/4/15
All Day: Beach Style Day
3:30 PM First Dance- Time To Have Fun Wolves!

Adopt Our Wolves

In the current economic environment many of our parents and community members have asked if there is a way to give back to our school. In response to such generous requests we have established the “Ad ...more

Healthy Kids Day

Box Tops for Education

The Science Dept needs you!

Please send your Box Tops to your friendly Science teacher!  We are raising money to get the microscopes, scales, and balances repaired. Please help! Send them in today!!